Ghost Musician Records welcomes pariahs and outcasts alike. The only common denominator for our artists is the love for music. Breathing and dreaming with harmonies and chord progressions. Wanting to live a life of play.

We want to bring together this diverse and multicultural range of artists and give them a chance to shine, because we know we’re stronger together. And that divided we fall.

Our label embodies the artists you’ll find on this website, giving them a sense of belonging. We want to tell their stories, stories that would otherwise never be known, forgotten behind merciless play counts and streaming figures.

None of these artists really exist, and none of these biographies are real. But they could be. Even if slightly far-fetched at times. Come dream with us. We dream by day.

Seriously though.

There are musicians on Spotify with millions of plays, and whose music is appreciated by a lot of people. Unfortunately these musician have had no existence outside of Spotify. No gigs, no Twitter page, no Wikipedia entry, no garage, no photo sessions, no Soundcloud or Youtube account, no official website.

I decided to give them a home, they were to be orphan no more.

This is a project nurtured and crafted by Fred Rocha, with the support of the talented power-trio TrYangle (themselves a very real and loud-sounding act!). They’re a small band, and regardless of how great their music is, it is extremely hard to survive in this free-for-all streaming economy. This is our modest effort to question the present model.

And tell the world the story of Enno Aare. Such a great one. We owed it to the people.

Drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you